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Jim on the right, Steve in the middle, and another brother Dan on the left.

A Brisket turn-in at Independence, Iowa.

Chicken turn-in.

Our rib category turn-in. The first time we placed in the top ten.

Adding a fourth brother - Dave. Where's Chuck??

The winning Pork. Marshalltown, 2008.

Trying to make something happen with our Brisket turn-in.

The trailer frame and a smoke stack for our cooker.

Jim interrupting the master crafstman at work.

The warming chamber as it is welded together.

Jim and Kent designing the cooker.

It's starting to look real!

The cooker on scales. It weighs in at nearly 1800 pounds.

Assembling the shelves. They pull out.

A look at the front wood basket.

The first burn-in!

Oh my. She's gorgeous!



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